Marcy Heartsong

Marcy Heartsong | Prostitute #2

Marcy Heartsong is an Actor, Singer-Songwriter, V/O Artist, & Abstract Painter based in Los Angeles, and has been onstage since childhood.  As an actress, Marcy possesses an uncannily vast emotional range, which springs from her intuition, years of training, plus her emotional availability & willingness to go anywhere.  As a vocalist, Marcy possesses the rare Contralto, along with Blues/Rock belt (she can also sing soft lullabies to her nieces). As a Voice Over Artist, she has a huge range of cartoon kids, monsters, animal sounds, impressions, plus commercial announcer.  As an abstract painter, it's all impasto as she builds layer by layer.

On film, Marcy has most recently enjoyed such juicy roles as the evil ELINOR in the comedy-horror feature film OPIOUS, & an interesting role in the feature film DESERTED BROTHERS, as well as playing herself in the documentary DIE FROM LAUGHING.  For recent TV, she can be seen in many episodes of Spike TV's 1,000 WAYS TO DIE (all tongue-n-cheek, but fun nonetheless).  For V/O, Marcy has done many announcer spots, and most recently an on-camera-with-voice web commercial for an online college.

Having lived in LA since 1997, Marcy has been part of the background-fabric of the city, doing all kinds of work...including environmental lobby, and most recently a stint in Real Estate ;) which prompted her return to her creative life as an actor !!  An avid practitioner of Hatha Yoga for 14 years, she attributes much of her bliss to this practice.  Marcy thanks her loving and supportive nurturers (they know who they are), and her sweet & bark-less (!!) rescue Chihuahua BABY, who has made life even more  magical !!

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